MatomoCamp 2021

You are just one step away for being part of the biggest Matomo event ever

Welcome to the MatomoCamp CfP page. We wrote this page in order to thank you for playing an active role within this historical event.
As all event organizers, we would like to renew our gratitude to you so as explaining the philosophy and the rules to follow for this event.

Let's start with a recap.

MatomoCamp is a free to attend online 2-day event dedicated to Matomo Analytics. This event is organized by a community of Matomo fans.
As passionate about Matomo, our wish is to make this event a knowledge sharing place in which attendees can learn a lot and speakers having a good time while talking.

What about the different format we offer? There are different types of talk, each of them are 45 minutes length (these formats might still change depending on what speakers are interested in and what is possible to do from a technical point of view):

  • Talk: traditional conference format. You are talking, attendees are listening. Probably the fastest way to go. Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Interview: a one-to-one talk. One organizer is asking you questions and you are answering them. Attendees are listening. It is a great format if there are things that you suspect may be not clear, like a demo of brand-new project dealing with Matomo. Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Panel talk: One organizer is asking questions to several invited persons. Attendees are listening. Typically, the best format if you would like to compare your approach with other developers, analysts and so on. Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Workshop: discuss a specific topic with a small group of people. All attendees are active participants. Expect here to have 20 to 30 people maximum. Duration: 45 minutes.

About the audience:

We don't have much information regarding who will attend to MatomoCamp. All we can say is that the majority will come thanks to the newsletter sent by the official Matomo team, so we expect to have mainly Matomo users. Based on the survey we launched this year, the expectations of attendees are mainly dealing with digital analytics in general. You can have a closer look at the results of the survey for more information about the audience. A part of the audience may not know Matomo as they are coming from social networks.

Code of conduct:

As previously mentioned, we are passionate, we are organizing this event because we love the Matomo software, and we are pretty sure that this event will help the community, as a result we are asking organizers, attendees and speaker to follow and respect the following code of conduct:


MatomoCamp will be held on November the 4th and November the 5th 2021 from 9 A.M. (9:00) to 5 P.M. (17:00) CET. (Central European Time is the local time of e.g. Germany and France)


As an online event it will held thanks to different technologies. One of them is BigBlueButton, a Free software technology in order to make video conference. The server hosting BBB is brought by Empreinte Digitale, a French company which has its own data center in France.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

You can update your submission at any time, so what you submit now doesn't have to be a final version. Just share your idea with us!