Privacy and PII in relation to the web
2021-11-05, 16:00–16:45, Livestream Room 1
Language: English

What happens under the hood when you visit a website and what data is actually shared about you and who can actually access this data?

In this talk I will explain web communication in general and why you need to know exactly what services you are using on your website to protect your users from having their personal data exploited by 3rd parties with unknown agendas.

I will also talk what the PII definition within GDPR means in practical terms when you are using a web analytics tool like Matomo.
I would argue that almost everyone that uses Matomo is storing PII without knowing so.

I will also talk about why Matomo is a good tool in these cases since we can actually act on these issues.

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I am a business developer at Digitalist Sweden.
I have worked with tracking Digital analytics since 2010 and I have been a contributor to open source since 2007

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