Romain Biard

CTO with marketing & product expertise, I am happily working on educational topics for Maskott, leading the product and IT team. I am working on making our software Tactileo move to a more scallable and maintainable architecture, both on the infrastructure side and on the software side, while continuing to deliver new features expected by our clients.
Data protection is a topic at the heart of my practice and I contributed to various open source projects.

I am also a published poet and an amateur photographer.

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How to create your own Matomo plugin? A technical introduction to developing for Matomo.
Romain Biard

Matomo has at its core a lot of interesting features. But sometimes, you just need something very specific that is not provided by the software.
We'll see how to create your own plugin.
This talk is meant for developers.

Plugin Development
Livestream Room 2