How to use Matomo Log Analysis to retrieve audience data
2022-11-04, 14:00–14:45 (Europe/Berlin), Livestream Room 2
Language: English

This talk shows how to retrieve data from server logs and inject it into Matomo and get extra audience information. This applies e.g. in case of tracking misconfiguration or when wanting to get information for periods that were not covered by Matomo.

We will explain why use this feature and the common case scenarios, the difference between Logs import and JavaScript Client; il will also cover the technical parts such as how to configure Matomo to proceed with this task (Matomo On-Premise / Cloud / Matomo for WordPress), and finally demonstrate which information is retrived and shown.

Digital Marketing Consultant helping organizations transition to Matomo Analytics. After several years in digital marketing and a strong background in SEO serving various clients from SMBs to multinationals, Jean-Marc has turned to promote Matomo. This solution unites two domains deer to his heart: Free Software and Digital Analysis.

His first steps in audience analytics date back to 2014 getting his hands into both Piwik and Google Analytics. His reaction: wondering why organizations would still use the latter given the risks involved; risks that had just been exposed a few months prior to this.

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