Data Creation and Snowplow Open Source
2022-11-04, 14:00–14:45 (Europe/Berlin), Livestream Room 1
Language: English

Snowplow is the leading open source Data Creation technology in the world today. In this session I will outline how Snowplow is similar in spirit to Matomo but built for fundamentally different use cases.

Snowplow & Matomo both share a commitment to open source code and the understanding that
organisations should own and control their own data and data collection, end-to-end.
Matomo is great for analysis of web traffic via a dashboard and reporting UI - marketing attribution, CRO, content engagement etc. Snowplow does all this but is also great for building data applications and products, such as:
Personalization engines
Fraud detection engines
Ad bidding platforms
Dynamic pricing
Advanced reporting that requires joining of data from multiple channels.

So, at the end of this talk people will know more about Snowplow, it's open source commitments, typical use cases and how Snowplow facilitates Data Creation.

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Eddie is Head of Community at Snowplow, helping to our community to support Snowplow users. He was previously Community Manager at Hyland Software, and Alfresco Software before that. He has been a Java, Ruby & PHP developer, an e-commerce consultant and was active in the Joomla & Magento communities for over a decade.