Get started with intranet analytics in Matomo
2022-11-04, 11:00–11:45 (Europe/Berlin), Livestream Room 2
Language: English

Get started with intranet analytics in Matomo

Marcus had a chapter in an anthology on intranets / digital workplace a couple of years ago. The book is called “Intranets ‐ handbook for intranet managers”. Since then he's been thinking about remixing the content to a presentation but never got to it. Until now!

This talk is going to answer things like:

  • What is the difference between tracking a public website and an intranet (and why that makes Matomo a great choice)?
  • Data protection/GDPR-compliance is a different (and perhaps an unexpected) story when the users are employees.
  • The iterative process of goals and metrics, gathering data, performing analysis, hypothesis of improvements – and then beginning anew.
See also: Slides of the presentations

Marcus have been working with web since 1998 and with Matomo for the last 12 years. His experience from public sector includes roles such as lead analyst, senior advisor in GDPR projects and product owner for Matomo and other analytic products.
Author of the books ”Web strategy for everyone” and ”Web Analytics – Understand and improve user experience”. Currently Marcus is a web analyst and strategist at the Swedish digital agency Whitespace.