Linux security hardening on a Matomo installation
2022-11-03, 16:00–16:45 (Europe/Berlin), Livestream Room 2
Language: English

Let's see some good security practices that can be applied on a server (best on: GNU/Linux) to proactively protect a web application like Matomo, and how-to avoid common mistakes.

The talk will start around the Unix and GNU/Linux philosophy of "minimal privileges" and continuing with a whole series of facts about Matomo that it would be best to know in order to best take care of the web application from a sysadmin point of view, and also from the perspective of a Matomo SuperUser. Practical solutions will be provided.

The talk is not suitable for an audience that has never seen a command line, thought it can still be interesting.

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Valerio Bozzolan (boz) is the board director of the Italian Linux Society, the leading community promoting Free Software and Open Source, in Italy since 1994.

You can meet Valerio in Wikimedia projects or in OpenStreetMap.