MatomoCamp 2023

Digitalists 5 best practices for Matomo Tag Manager
11-09, 16:00–16:45 (Europe/Paris), Livestream Room 1
Language: English

At Digitalist we have been configuring the TagManager for hundreds of different websites.
In this session we will give you our best practices so that you also can get better data from your website when using Matomo.

Tomas Persson will give you his Top 5 Best Practices for the Matomo Tag Manager!

  1. Cleaning up data from you site
    Using MTM is easy, but very often the data coming from your website or app is inconsistent or it even contains PII. This can and should be managed in MTM before you send it to Matomo.
    Tomas will teach you the basics.

  2. Data structures for events
    Thinking about how you name your events is key for a good reporting in Matomo. We will give you some examples and ideas about how you can do this.

  3. Consent management
    Getting consents right is the fundament you need to rely on.
    We will show you some examples of how you can integrate a CMP with Matomo

  4. Custom Search tracking
    The built in search is great an easy to set up, but for more advanced things like search count etc you need to know your way around MTM.
    Another challenge is dynamic / AJAX based searches that can be quite tricky to work with.

  5. Accessing data relative to the clickElement
    If you click a button, you often need/want to get data dynamically from elements relative to the actual button. We will show you how this can be done in MTM.

There will also have time for a Q&A in the end where you can ask Tomas anything about Tag Management!

Tomas is i business developer at Digitalist building a premium Matomo SaaS service for public and privat organisations within the European union.

Tomas has worked professionally with the web since 2000 and with Web analytics since 2010.
Tomas has been speaking at all previous Matomo Camps and also contribute to the Matomo Tag Manager development.

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