MatomoCamp 2023

Analysing Forms with Matomo
11-09, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Paris), Livestream Room 1
Language: English

This talk is about how to get insights with Matomo to increase form conversions and optimize the user experience.

We will review two different approaches to achieve this using Matomo.

First we'll focus on Goals, the classic and most common way to measure and collect relevant information about form conversions. Then we will review the Form Analytics plugin, a newer option that allows us to integrate within our instance specific reports about how visitors interact with a form. Knowing both methods will be helpful to streamline lead generation and customer relationships across forms.

We will briefly discuss how to set up both functionalities, explain the most useful metrics, and present multiple examples from my own experience.

Digital Analytics Specialist

I have been working as a Web Analyst for over 10 years, leading measurement projects and analytics teams. My previous employers include both international agencies and end-clients.

I'm currently in charge of analytics projects at, where we mainly use Matomo to develop measurement strategies and analytics solutions across multiple sectors and markets. Among other things, we have published documentation in Spanish to help people get started in web analytics with Matomo: