MatomoCamp 2023

Matomo Unleashed: Global Insights and the AI-Neurotech Frontier
11-10, 10:00–10:45 (Europe/Paris), Livestream Room 1
Language: English

Dive into the Matomo Unleashed presentation, where we explore worldwide dynamics and venture into the uncharted realms of AI-powered Neurotechnology. Brace for an enlightening journey!

Join us for an electrifying discourse on the invisible confines we all inhabit. "Matomo Unleashed: Global Insights and the AI-Neurotech Frontier" will unravel the matrix of modern data and thrust you into the thrilling unknown of AI-powered Neurotechnology. Dare to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary!

Meet Jorgeuos, an experienced Software Developer and passionate Matomo advocate. With a strong background in DevOps, he has been instrumental in enhancing the Matomo platform with innovative ideas and expertise.

As the Founder and Entrepreneur of Jorgeuos AB, he's earned a reputation as a trusted partner of Innocraft, the company behind Matomo. Jorgeuos has assisted numerous clients with seamless Matomo installations, demonstrating his dedication to technology and exceptional support.

Holding a B.Sc. in Computer and System Sciences from Stockholm University, Jorgeuos believes in continuous growth and development. He has pursued additional training in Neuroleadership and project management, further solidifying his skill set.

Jorgeuos's boundless enthusiasm for Matomo drives him to explore new possibilities and enhance its capabilities. His vision is to make Matomo shine brighter than ever, empowering users worldwide with top-notch web analytics solutions.

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