MatomoCamp 2023

Small Data, Big Results: Tracking Website Conversions for Smaller Manufacturers
11-10, 13:00–13:45 (Europe/Paris), Livestream Room 1
Language: English

Why Matomo is a fantastic and easy-to-use alternative to GA4 for industrial manufacturers with small data, budgets, and resources.

Dianna Huff, President of Huff Industrial Marketing, and James Alavosus, Alavosus Consulting, will present a case study on how the Huff team tracks website conversions -- RFQ forms, email, and calls -- for smaller industrial manufacturers. Use case will include how they export the data into formatted Excel spreadsheets for clients.

I'm a freelance software engineer with a focus on backend services and infrastructure, as well as data scraping, munging, parsing, and visualization. Much of my experience comes from working with Bitcoin and EVM Blockchains, as well as various databases including Yandex Clickhouse, ElasticSearch, and PostgreSQL.

Dianna Huff has a rich background in manufacturing, marketing communications, and SEO copywriting. She works exclusively with smaller American manufacturers and loves making a difference in the lives of the people she works with. Dianna’s vision is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside.