Contribute back
2022-11-03, 14:00–14:45 (Europe/Berlin), Livestream Room 1
Language: English

How could you start to contribute back to Matomo, or open source in general? Do you need to be a coder? No!

There are many ways to contribute back to open source projects like Matomo. And here we will talk about some of the options, for some of them, you don't even need to understand the code.

Tomas is a Matomo expert ad Digitalist and was a large contributor to Matomo Camp in 2021 where he held 5 speeches.

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Have worked with Matomo since 2019 at Digitalist. Mostly focusing on hosting the application on Kubernetes. Have contributed with plugins - like ExtraTools and UserConsole, but also a Helm chart (for Kubernetes) to install Matomo.

Have been a long-time contributor to open source (mainly Drupal).

Tech Lead at Digitalist Net Services.

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