Running Matomo with open source technologies such as Kubernetes and docker
11-03, 17:00–17:45 (Europe/Berlin), Livestream Room 2
Language: English

In this session we will talk about the Matomo SaaS we built and explain why we invested building a solution with Kubernetes & Docker.

At Digitalist we provide Matomo services for clients with high demands on performance, adoptability, professional support and privacy. Among our clients are some of the largest Swedish public sector organisations and they have very high demands on privacy and security.

When we started our Matomo offering in 2018 we looked into different technologies and services to use when we started building our SaaS. (Software as a Service or Matomo cloud)

After many internal discussion, investigations and evaluations of different services we decided to go for a Kubernetes bases solutions, even if we knew this was going to be a long journey of problem solving and innovations.

So why did we do it?
-We wanted to keep full control of the whole tech stack and be able to move the whole set up to basically any cloud service.
-We wanted full traceability (version control of everything we do (not only in Matomo)
-We wanted to have full control of security. This includes all components in a system (not just Matomo).
-We wanted to build a solutions that we could scale out to handle a lot of data (on the fly)
-We wanted a solutions that we could offer to a lot of clients (we needed a high level of automation).
-We wanted a solution where we could do individual adjustments for specific clients that have these needs.

Tomas is a Matomo expert ad Digitalist and was a large contributor to Matomo Camp in 2021 where he held 5 speeches.

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Have worked with Matomo since 2019 at Digitalist. Mostly focusing on hosting the application on Kubernetes. Have contributed with plugins - like ExtraTools and UserConsole, but also a Helm chart (for Kubernetes) to install Matomo.

Have been a long-time contributor to open source (mainly Drupal).

Tech Lead at Digitalist Net Services.

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