MatomoCamp 2023

Aurelie Pols

Aurélie pioneered Digital analytics in Europe. This allowed her to co-found OX2 in Belgium in 2003, which was successfully sold to UK based Digitas LBi (Publicis) in 2008 with an EBIT of 20%.
After co-founding Mind Your Group in Spain, addressing issues revolving around digital analytics, including Social Media and Privacy, she now works as an independent consultant, defining data flows and supporting companies in their risk exercises to determine potential data liabilities.
Aurélie advised Israeli start-up MyPermissions and Krux Digital before their acquisition by Salesforce.

Dedicated to analytics since 2001, she is cited in Avinash Kaushik’s best selling book Web Analytics 2.0.
She was Analytics Demystified’s initial principal consultant and helped launch the Analysis Exchange.
Of International background she was Globalization Chair for the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and received an excellence award for her Privacy contributions to the digital analytics sector.

She focuses on delivering value to the bottom line while keeping an eye on Data Protection legislation, pushing a Privacy by Design agenda. This includes GDPR.
Her main focus, besides coaching analysts & data officers, are data flows and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs); digital & analytics teams with their HR responsibility set-up & Privacy within the context of Big Data.

She speaks at events such as eMetrics, O'Reilly's Strata, Webit and the IAPP, The International Association of Privacy Professionals.
Aurélie teaches Digital Analytics and Ethics & Privacy at the prestigious IE Business School in Madrid.

  • AI Act, evolution or revolution?
Bernhard Prange

Search Marketing Specialist with a love for automation

  • Matomo Datenvisualisierung mit BigQuery & Looker
Carmen Soini

Business Development Manager at Matomo with over 10 years of experience in the field of value selling. Focused on driving positive changes for companies through awesome data collected by Matomo in a safe and ethical way.

  • Les solutions analytiques de Matomo pour les entreprises françaises
Dan Banks

Dan Banks is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience working with software focused on wholesale distribution. As the founder of Domani Strategies, Dan provides distributor-focused consulting services, helping businesses to implement the right technology strategy to differentiate themselves and outpace their competition.

  • I used AI to build a quick program to retrieve data using Matomo's API
David Négrier

Chief Technology Officer / Founder at WorkAdventure

  • Empowering the Matomo Community: Crafting Interactive Online Events with WorkAdventure
Dianna Huff

Dianna Huff has a rich background in manufacturing, marketing communications, and SEO copywriting. She works exclusively with smaller American manufacturers and loves making a difference in the lives of the people she works with. Dianna’s vision is to keep manufacturing jobs stateside.

  • Small Data, Big Results: Tracking Website Conversions for Smaller Manufacturers
Fabio Krauss

Product Manager by day, maker by night.

Analytics, Opsec, Open Source and Self-hosting

motto: Be the Uncle Jim you want to see in the world!

  • Matomo and Ghost CMS (with some ChatGPT help)
Francesco De Nobili

Francesco De Nobili

  • Scopri le aziende che visitano il tuo sito direttamente su Matomo
Frédéric Forster

Web Analytics & C.R.O Specialist

  • Matomo e-commerce tracking - How to use GA3 & GA4 DataLayers with Google and Matomo Tag managers
Jaime Alfonso Aponte

Technical Digital Analyst | Consumer Psychologist

With a solid background in data analytics and a specialized degree in consumer psychology, Alfonso brings a unique blend of technical expertise and behavioral insights to the digital space.

As an experienced user of Matomo, Alfonso understands the nuances of data-driven decision making and its impact on marketing strategies.

This year at MatomoCamp 2023, he will share his insights in a session titled "Matomo for Marketers" and how marketers can leverage Matomo's full potential.

For a deeper look into Jaime Alfonso's professional career, visit his LinkedIn profile

  • Mastering Matomo Analytics: Essential Tips and Tricks for Marketers
James Alavosus

I'm a freelance software engineer with a focus on backend services and infrastructure, as well as data scraping, munging, parsing, and visualization. Much of my experience comes from working with Bitcoin and EVM Blockchains, as well as various databases including Yandex Clickhouse, ElasticSearch, and PostgreSQL.

  • Small Data, Big Results: Tracking Website Conversions for Smaller Manufacturers
Jean-Baptiste Audras

Jean-Baptiste est le directeur technique de l’agence WordPress Whodunit.

Impliqué dans la communauté, il est l’un des deux représentants de l’équipe Core de WordPress. Il fait partie de la trentaine de core committers du projet et de plusieurs équipes spécialisées, dont les teams Accessibility, Performance, Documentation ou encore Security.

Ces dernières années, Jb a participé à la direction d’une vingtaine de versions mineures et majeures de WordPress.

Il est aussi l’un des 4 responsables de la traduction de WP en français et du site

  • Comment WordPress est devenu le CMS de référence?
Jean-Marc Courtiade

Jean-Marc is a Matomo Consultant and Trainer with over two decades of experience in the world of Open Source. After several years working as an SEO Specialist in the digital marketing realm, he shifted his focus to assist organizations in transitioning to Matomo and liberating their digital analytics.

His journey into digital analytics began in 2014 when he immersed himself in both Piwik and Google Analytics. It didn't take long for him to question why businesses were still opting for the latter, given the privacy concerns it raised. For Jean-Marc, Matomo emerged as the ideal solution, bridging the gap between marketing and free software. Today, he's passionate about empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions while respecting user privacy.

  • How to use Virtual Pageviews in Matomo
Jessica Dunbar

As a seasoned professional at Concrete CMS with a focus on data-driven strategies, I bring a wealth of experience in leveraging analytics for informed decision-making. My background encompasses roles in government and web analytics, underpinned by my credentials as a DAP Certified Analyst. I am deeply committed to harnessing the power of data to educate stakeholders and drive meaningful outcomes.

  • Optimizing Intranet Success: A Guide to Metrics and Matomo
Joachim Nickel

Joachim Nickel ist Open-Source-Enthusiast, Webentwickler und Daten-Liebhaber. In über 25 Jahren Selbstständigkeit hat er vielfältige Erfahrung im technischen SEO, in UX und der Analytics erworben.
Seiner Affinität zum Datenschutz und Open-Source ist es zu verdanken, dass er mit Google Analytics Alternative Matomo (vormals Piwik) schon seit 2010 Erfahrungen sammelt und heute einer der Matomo-Evangelisten im deutschsprachigen Raum ist.

  • Mit Matomo mehr Insights für Optimierung erfassen
John Hess

John is an software engineer, data scientist and policy wonk. He's a two time Berkman Klein Assembly Fellow (cybersecurity & privacy; and mis- & disinformation), and has degrees in technology policy, AeroAstro and mechanical engineering. In addition to working on a handful of fun and interesting things like Clean Insights at the Guardian Project, John's a pilot and a volunteer EMT. He's worked on things ranging from educational technology to flight test to mental health systems of care.

  • Maximizing Privacy through Clean Insights on Matomo
Jorge Carvajal Powers

Meet Jorgeuos, an experienced Software Developer and passionate Matomo advocate. With a strong background in DevOps, he has been instrumental in enhancing the Matomo platform with innovative ideas and expertise.

As the Founder and Entrepreneur of Jorgeuos AB, he's earned a reputation as a trusted partner of Innocraft, the company behind Matomo. Jorgeuos has assisted numerous clients with seamless Matomo installations, demonstrating his dedication to technology and exceptional support.

Holding a B.Sc. in Computer and System Sciences from Stockholm University, Jorgeuos believes in continuous growth and development. He has pursued additional training in Neuroleadership and project management, further solidifying his skill set.

Jorgeuos's boundless enthusiasm for Matomo drives him to explore new possibilities and enhance its capabilities. His vision is to make Matomo shine brighter than ever, empowering users worldwide with top-notch web analytics solutions.

  • MatomoCamp plugin development competition winners announced
  • Matomo Plugin Best Practices
  • Mastering Matomo Troubleshooting: Unraveling Web Analytics Mysteries
  • Matomo Unleashed: Global Insights and the AI-Neurotech Frontier
Justine Gonzalez

Après 8 ans chez l'annonceur, j'évolue depuis 5 ans en agence de marketing digital. Mon truc : les stratégies d'acquisition et l'analyse de performances.

  • Analysez vos données sur Matomo : comprendre et prendre du recul
Laurent Sittler

🇫🇷 Microsoft 365 Architect / Consultant - Learning and sharing about my interests. SharePoint, Microsoft365, Modern Workplace

  • Introducing Matomo Analytics on SharePoint
Leticia Rodríguez Morado

Digital Analytics Specialist

I have been working as a Web Analyst for over 10 years, leading measurement projects and analytics teams. My previous employers include both international agencies and end-clients.

I'm currently in charge of analytics projects at, where we mainly use Matomo to develop measurement strategies and analytics solutions across multiple sectors and markets. Among other things, we have published documentation in Spanish to help people get started in web analytics with Matomo:

  • Analysing Forms with Matomo
Louis Dubruel
  • Cas pratique : construire le tableau de bord “Privacy et consentement” ultime avec Matomo et GA4
Lucie Lafarge
  • Advanced dashboarding with Matomo: an integrated approach using Google BigQuery and Looker Studio for Business Intelligence
Mark Huynh

Mark is a seasoned professional with a rich background in the digital and data industry in New Zealand. He has honed his knowledge and expertise over the years, tracing his journey back to the inception and growth of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

With a career that spans a diverse range of domains, Mark has ventured into research, information management, marketing, and the dynamic industry of media, digital and data. His versatile skill set and adaptability have allowed him to thrive in various professional environments.

Mark's career portfolio showcases his versatility, having worked with organizations of all sizes, from small startups to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. He has an impressive track record of successfully delivering a wide array of projects, from technical implementations to in-depth analysis and reporting. Mark is also known for his ability to spearhead digital and data initiatives, driving projects and programs that push the boundaries of innovation.

His passion for staying connected with industry and professionals through his involvement in Data & Analytics Wednesday Auckland, means he is able to stay on top of what businesses are doing in New Zealand and the challenges they face.

  • Understand New Zealand's Digital Analytics Landscape
Max Schrems

(Luckly not only) Privacy Lawyer, Honorary Chair of noyb, Author and Speaker.

  • An introduction to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework
Mika Mäki

The last twenty years in various expert positions in digital marketing. Measurement has always been key thing so Web-analytics has always been in use from the beginning.

Over the years, I have accumulated well over 1,000 customers, and their industry and size have varied widely - from private entrepreneurs to organizations employing tens of thousands.

Today, as a CO-founder and Head of Analytics at Digiteam, I am focused on developing my own customers' business. My interest in analytics has quite naturally led to the fact that I am responsible for configuring the analytics of all, more than 200, customers

  • Matomo Analytics B2B-markkinoinnin apuna
Nathan Freitas

Nathan is the founder and director of Guardian Project, an award-winning, open-source, mobile security collaborative with millions of users and beneficiaries worldwide. Their most well known app is Orbot, which brings the Tor anonymity and circumvention network to Android devices, and has been installed more than 20 million times. He was part of the original team that created Clean Insights as part of a Harvard University "Assembly" program run by the Berkman-Klein Center.

  • Maximizing Privacy through Clean Insights on Matomo
Nicolas Chollet

Nicolas Chollet has over 10 years of entrepreneurship and consulting experience. He is a recognized expert in Digital marketing and Data management

  • Cas pratique : construire le tableau de bord “Privacy et consentement” ultime avec Matomo et GA4
  • Advanced dashboarding with Matomo: an integrated approach using Google BigQuery and Looker Studio for Business Intelligence
Peter Boiten

16 years of experience in data and data-driven working. Big fan of data visualization and data-driven working

  • Raw data Matomo to Tableau
Ronan Chardonneau

Ronan Chardonneau is a renowned expert in Matomo, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. As a passionate advocate for data privacy and analytics, he has dedicated his career to mastering the intricacies of the Matomo platform. Ronan's expertise lies in creating custom themes, leveraging existing themes, and harnessing the power of Matomo to deliver actionable insights. With his deep understanding of Matomo's functionalities, Ronan is a trusted advisor, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions while maintaining utmost privacy and control.

  • Event introduction by the MatomoCamp organizers” by Ronan Chardonneau, MatomoCamp team
  • How to create a theme plugin with ChatGPT within Matomo Analytics?
  • Empowering the Matomo Community: Crafting Interactive Online Events with WorkAdventure
Ronan Chardonneau
  • MatomoCamp closing
Ronan Hello

French web analyst, Matomo community developer.

  • MatomoCamp plugin development competition winners announced
  • How to measure your users' weather to identify behaviors (plugin dev)
Stefan Koning

Stefan Koning is part of the official Matomo community team and has created and maintained the official Matomo certification program from 2016-2020. Starting in 2021, together with other Matomo specialists, Stefan initiated and organized MatomoCamp.

Stefan is a freelance senior digital analytics expert and has years of experience working with Matomo Analytics for multiple enterprise clients. Projects related to Matomo range from improving the scalability of Matomo, measuring the correct KPIs by setting up technical measurements, and analyzing the data in order to optimize the customer experience.
Do not hesitate to contact him either on his website: or via Linkedin:

  • Introducing the Matomo surveys plugin
Thomas Czernik

Web-Analyst aus Bayern
- Schreib mich gerne an:
- Meine Matomo Tutorials:

  • Webanalyse mit Matomo: Erste Schritte
Thomas Zeithaml

Ich bin seit 2001 im Bereich Suchmaschinenoptimierung tätig. Dabei berate ich Kunden aus verschiedenen Branchen und Bereichen. Zudem war ich bereits auf zahlreichen Konferenzen als Referent tätig und habe Artikel für die Fachpresse verfasst. Seit 2009 beschäftige ich mich intensiv mit der Webanalyse mit Matomo. Diese Kombination aus datengetriebenen Entscheidungen, technischen und marketingtechnischen Aspekten sehe ich als meine persönliche Stärke an.

  • Matomo Kampagnen Tracking
Tomas Persson

Tomas is i business developer at Digitalist building a premium Matomo SaaS service for public and privat organisations within the European union.

Tomas has worked professionally with the web since 2000 and with Web analytics since 2010.
Tomas has been speaking at all previous Matomo Camps and also contribute to the Matomo Tag Manager development.

  • Advanced Data visualization for Matomo with Apache Superset
  • Digitalists 5 best practices for Matomo Tag Manager
Valentin Baraise

Devops Tech enthusiast.

  • Comment gérer 1000 sites, des dizaines de serveurs Matomo et +100 utilisateurs à travers une seule plateforme ?
  • How to manage 1000 websites, dozen of Matomo servers and 100 users with only one platform?
Xavier Hamida
  • Advanced dashboarding with Matomo: an integrated approach using Google BigQuery and Looker Studio for Business Intelligence