MatomoCamp Nordics

Jaime Alfonso Aponte

Technical Digital Analyst | Consumer Psychologist

Alfonso, with his robust background in data analytics coupled with a degree in consumer psychology, masterfully integrates technical acumen with consumer behavior insights within the digital arena.

As a seasoned Matomo practitioner, he adeptly navigates the complexities of data-driven strategies and their profound influence on marketing approaches.

Join him now at MatomoCamp Nordics 2024 with his session "Navigating the Pitfalls: Expert Opinions and Common Mistakes Found in Matomo Implementations" where he will delve into identifying and rectifying common mistakes, ensuring GDPR compliance, and optimizing Matomo's performance for insightful data analytics.

Explore more about Alfonso’s professional journey on his LinkedIn profile at

  • Navigating the Pitfalls: Expert Opinions and Common Mistakes Found in Matomo Implementation
Johan Westin

Johan is the CTO at Whitespace, a digital agency in Sweden, where he also serves as the tech lead for Matomo. With a robust background in web development since 2006 and a focus on web analytics since 2012, Johan brings extensive expertise and leadership to the digital analytics industry.

  • Next Level Analytics: Leveraging Matomo for SPA Tracking in Next.js
Jorge Carvajal Powers

Jorge Powers is a seasoned Data Privacy Manager with over a decade of specialized experience in privacy-focused environments. Renowned for his expertise in GDPR compliance and privacy tools, Jorge has been pivotal in driving data integrity and user privacy initiatives across the tech sector. As a Matomo Expert and an esteemed Matomo Master Trainer, he has been instrumental in migrating significant data analytics operations to Matomo, emphasizing data ownership and privacy.

At Jorgeuos, Jorge founded and currently manages operations focusing on GDPR-compliant data analysis and audit processes. His leadership in project management and implementation of Matomo web analytics platforms underlines his profound commitment to enhancing data protection and operational excellence. Jorge's technical prowess extends to SQL, Tableau, Docker, and Kubernetes, further solidifying his capability to manage and lead complex privacy and data analytics projects.

  • Matomo Plugin Development
Marc Tersman Toll

15 years of digital strategy and 4 with Matomo tracking and consulting for Digitalist – helping organisations get data-driven in practice.

  • From business goals to tracking plan to juicy dashboards
Mikke Schirén

CTO Digitalist Open Cloud. Open source contributer to Matomo with several plugins.

  • Control the bots, save the environment and the hosting bill
Tomas Persson

Tomas is a co founder at Digitalist Cloud, that provides a premium Matomo cloud service running on EU owned infrastructure with premium support!

  • Meet RebelMetrics - Dashboards for Matomo with superpowers
  • What does CRA (Cyber Resilience Act) and NIS2 mean in the context of Matomo?