Cyrille Sanson

Après 15 ans d'activité en tant qu'ingénieur systèmes d'information, j'ai décidé en 2014 de devenir concepteur de sites Web avec WordPress. Impliqué dans la communauté j'anime le Meetup WordPress Toulouse. Utilisateur de Matomo depuis 2008, il était dès le début évident pour moi que ce serait la solution de web analytics que j'utiliserai pour WordPress.

  • Matomo et WordPress comment les connecter ?
Dan Banks

Over the years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of distributors about what really makes their businesses tick—from the nuances of pricing to the ever-changing needs of inventory management. And what I’ve learned is that having the right tools in place can help distributors differentiate themselves and quickly outpace their competition, and Matomo is one of those tools. Using Matomo, I help distributors navigate the endless data that their online channel provides and work with them to set up the right goals and the KPI's to track them.

  • Why Wholesale Distributors in the US should be using Matomo
Dion Blair

Dion Blair recently joined Matomo as Chief Revenue Officer. He brings a wealth of experience scaling B2B SaaS businesses and aims to further imprint the Matomo brand on the global stage. Dion is passionate about the Matomo Community and understanding what users love about the tool so Matomo can evolve into a richer version of itself.

  • An Inside Look at the Future of Matomo: User Experience + User Connection
Eddie May

Eddie is Head of Community at Snowplow, helping to our community to support Snowplow users. He was previously Community Manager at Hyland Software, and Alfresco Software before that. He has been a Java, Ruby & PHP developer, an e-commerce consultant and was active in the Joomla & Magento communities for over a decade.

  • Data Creation and Snowplow Open Source
Frédéric Forster

Consultant Digital Analytics depuis plus de 10 ans, je vous accompagne dans tous les aspects de votre projet Matomo Analytics.

  • Gestion de projet Web Analytics avec Matomo
  • Imagine Ideal Matomo !
Jean-Marc Courtiade

Digital Marketing Consultant helping organizations transition to Matomo Analytics. After several years in digital marketing and a strong background in SEO serving various clients from SMBs to multinationals, Jean-Marc has turned to promote Matomo. This solution unites two domains deer to his heart: Free Software and Digital Analysis.

His first steps in audience analytics date back to 2014 getting his hands into both Piwik and Google Analytics. His reaction: wondering why organizations would still use the latter given the risks involved; risks that had just been exposed a few months prior to this.

  • Improve your SEO with Matomo
  • How to use Matomo Log Analysis to retrieve audience data
Joachim Nickel

Joachim Nickel ist seit 1995 im Internet aktiv und nutzt Matomo (aka Piwik) seit weit über 10 Jahren in diversen Projekten. Als Trainer und Berater unterstützt Joachim Nickel Unternehmen beim Einsatz von Matomo und engagiert sich u.a. auch für das Open Source CMS Contao als Präsident der Contao Association, dem offiziellen Förderverein für Contao.

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  • Das Problem "zu viel" - Mehr Insights in Matomo
  • Datenschutzkonformes Performance Marketing mit Matomo
Johan Westin

Johan is a developer and project lead on web and web analytics since 2012. He is tech lead for Matomo on the Swedish digital agency Whitespace.

  • Tag Manager/Consent solutions
Jorge Capow

IT professional with over 10 years of experience. Specialized in Project management with Agile methodologies and Neuroleadership. Developer with skills in Web performance, SEO, Marketing and DevOps. Working with Matomo for the past 4 years with businesses and governmental agencies. But mostly, I’m a Visioner.

  • Is Matomo only for European companies and authorities?
  • Building Matomo plugins with VueJS.
Justine Gonzalez

Je suis Growth Marketer / Traffic Manager chez WeBird. J'ai d'abord accompagné pendant plus de 8 ans des e-commerçants dans leur croissance. J'ai ensuite développé mon expertise en agence digitale pour rejoindre en 2022 WeBird, aux côtés d'Aurélie Malignani.

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  • Analysez vos performances digitales avec Matomo
Luis García Millán

Telecommunications engineer dedicated to the world of marketing and web analytics. SEO expert with experience in more than 50 different projects

  • The ultimate guide to migrate to Matomo: 7 best practices
Lukas Winkler

I'm an astronomer and FOSS programmer from Austria and part of the Matomo team since 2017.

While I don't plan on giving a talk myself, I work together with the rest of the team behind the scenes to make MatomoCamp possible.

  • MatomoCamp closing
  • Event introduction by the MatomoCamp organizers
Marcus Österberg

Marcus have been working with web since 1998 and with Matomo for the last 12 years. His experience from public sector includes roles such as lead analyst, senior advisor in GDPR projects and product owner for Matomo and other analytic products.
Author of the books ”Web strategy for everyone” and ”Web Analytics – Understand and improve user experience”. Currently Marcus is a web analyst and strategist at the Swedish digital agency Whitespace.

  • Get started with intranet analytics in Matomo
Marie Ezan

Elevate est la nouvelle agence spécialisée data. Depuis 2017, nous accompagnons les marques dans l’accélération de leurs performances business par l’exploitation des données au travers de nos 3 practices :
Data Marketing : digital analytics, ab testing, datavisualisation, ePrivacy & GDPR compliance
Data & Tech : churn prediction, predictive marketing, customer journey personalization at scale, datawarehouse & datalake etc.
Consumer & Market Insights : trend prediction, consumer profiling, brand equity, voice of customer

  • Réussir l'implémentationde Matomo - SOS Villages d'enfants x Elevate
Marko Saric

Marko is a co-founder of Plausible Analytics

  • Plausible Analytics: Simple, lightweight, open source and privacy-first analytics
Massimo Camplone

25 years of experience on the Microsoft AD/.Net/Sql Server/Olap Stack, with development of intranet applications for medium/large customers now moving my area of activities versus the Opens Source Application world. Esperiencend Project Manager with customer relationship capabilities and Solution Selling background.

Currently supporting full stack projects developed in node.js / node red and various other frameworks, leveraving past experiences in the Unix world now translated in Container / Kubernetes / Azure (AKS, ACI, ACA)

Passionate about audio technologies in every form, dealing with audio processing and digital audio for non-profit organizations. Freelance entrepreneur and trainer.

  • Installazione Matomo in Kubernetes PAAS
MatomoCamp team

  • MatomoCamp closing
  • Event introduction by the MatomoCamp organizers
Michael Weber

Working in Online Marketing & Analytics now for over 20 years. Founder of searchVIU -
We provide Data Solutions especial for SEO purposes and have developed a Matomo Google Data Studio connector.

  • Matomo: External Dashboards & Data Visualization
Mikke Schirén

Have worked with Matomo since 2019 at Digitalist. Mostly focusing on hosting the application on Kubernetes. Have contributed with plugins - like ExtraTools and UserConsole, but also a Helm chart (for Kubernetes) to install Matomo.

Have been a long-time contributor to open source (mainly Drupal).

Tech Lead at Digitalist Net Services.

  • Contribute back
  • Running Matomo with open source technologies such as Kubernetes and docker
Niklas Ternstedt

Niklas is a web analyst with a background in digital marketing and communication. He has worked with Matomo for years supporting governmental agencies and businesses in Sweden. Specialized in web analytics with a focus on actionable insights and analytics frameworks. Skills in web analytics, visualization of data, Matomo, SEO, CRO. Currently Niklas is a web analyst at the Swedish digital agency Whitespace.

  • Get a kick ass dashboard in Matomo
Patrick Beaucamp

Patrick Beaucamp est le créateur des plateformes Open Source Vanilla (ETL & BI) et Data4Citizen (Open Data, Data Sharing, Data Visualisation)

  • Matomo & Vanilla Analytics
Richard Stark

Matomo Support Team Member & Matomo Analytics Expert

  • Multi-Server Matomo and Docker
Romain Biard

CTO with marketing & product expertise, I am happily working on educational topics for Maskott, leading the product and IT team. I am working on making our software Tactileo move to a more scallable and maintainable architecture, both on the infrastructure side and on the software side, while continuing to deliver new features expected by our clients.
Data protection is a topic at the heart of my practice and I contributed to various open source projects.

I am also a published poet and an amateur photographer.

  • How to create your own Matomo plugin? A technical introduction to developing for Matomo.
Ronan Chardonneau

Trainer about Matomo since 2011.

Trainer about Matomo Analytics since 2010. Co-organizer of MatomoCamp. Author of the first French book about Matomo Analytics.

  • Les traductions dans Matomo, comment ça marche?
  • The big book about web analytics
  • How to create a plugin for Matomo when you are not a developer?
  • MatomoCamp closing
  • Event introduction by the MatomoCamp organizers
Ronan Hello

Web and digital analytics developer and trainer. I develop plugins and themes for Matomo (available on marketplace). Feel free to discover my free training on my website.

  • Monter une infrastructure Matomo qui gère des millions de hits par mois n’est pas si simple
Thomas Zeithaml

I have been working in the field of search engine optimization and web analysis since 2001. In the field of web analysis, we specialize in the open source solution Matomo. Here we offer training and advice. In the area of ​​search engine optimization, we are happy to check your website. A catalog of measures is then developed in a concept. In doing so, we address content-related as well as technical and structural issues. We are also happy to help you with strategic decisions in online marketing.

  • Improve your SEO with Matomo
Tomas Persson

Tomas is a Matomo expert ad Digitalist and was a large contributor to Matomo Camp in 2021 where he held 5 speeches.

  • Contribute back
  • Running Matomo with open source technologies such as Kubernetes and docker
  • Open source dashboards ontop of Matomo with Apache Superset
  • Tracking SPA applications with Matomo
Tourman Benjamin
  • Monter une infrastructure Matomo qui gère des millions de hits par mois n’est pas si simple
Udo Trautmann

Ich blogge ca. einmal monatlich über ein Matomo-Thema und versende dazu auch einen Newsletter.
Ich arbeite als freiberuflicher IT-Berater für Kunden im deutschsprachigen Raum und helfe bei der Einführung von Portalen, CMS sowie zunehmend bei der Betreuung von Matomo und dem Matomo Tag Manager.

  • Standortermittlung von Besuchern mit Matomo
Valerio Bozzolan

Valerio Bozzolan (boz) is the board director of the Italian Linux Society, the leading community promoting Free Software and Open Source, in Italy since 1994.

You can meet Valerio in Wikimedia projects or in OpenStreetMap.

  • Linux security hardening on a Matomo installation